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Preserving our Heritage
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Legislative Agenda
OK2A-Action is dedicated to preserving the right to keep and bear arms for all Oklahomans.  Each year OK2A-Action requests and supports legislation including major initiatives such as Constitutional Carry and Campus Carry.  OK2A-Action also works to secure greater protections for the firearms industry in Oklahoma so that there is a strong, vibrant industry to support the right.  Click the buttons below to learn more about OK2A-Action's Legislative Agenda and to see a full list of bills filed for the 2016 Legislative Session
Legislative Agenda
Legislative Session
Can Handguns Be Outlawed in OK?
Why We Need HJR1009
Tim Gillespie, President and Co-Founder of OK2A, explains the need for HJR1009, OK2A-Action's proposed amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution.  Due to poor wording in our state constitution and flawed case law, our right to keep and bear arms at the state level is weak.  HJR would strengthen our right and provide a second layer of protection in the state courts.


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